“Brilliant New Choreographic Works Highlight Debuting Artist in Seattle, Nivedita Potapragada”- Review by Vidya Sekar web

I met Vidya recently and we connected on multiple

levels both artistic and personal. I was happy that she came to attend a showcasing of my recent work in August 2013. Her write-up on her experience watching the Shanthala varnam, Guru Ashtakam and the Mother Mary thillana is excellent. I am very honored that she was touched and moved by my work and continues to support my artistic endeavors.

A confident, strong woman; always stepping up for what's right, speaking up for the meek, rooting for the underdogs. She knew she had a good life, and it tore her heart when she came to face someone who didn't. "There has to be something I could do to help," she believed. And almost every time, there was -- if it wasn't monetary support, it was knowing the right people; if it wasn’t the right people, it was offering a place to stay -- at the very least, she'd motivate them with her words and make them believe in their own selves. She'd urge them to rise from their "plight" and change their life. Yes, there was always some way she could help them, and she was happy that their life changed for the better, and that she had a role to play in it.

Aug 2013....The Idea behind YAVANIKA...

Yavanika started off one fine day as early as 2008 as I sat in quiet contemplation. The CD player sitting a few feet away from me was playing a World Music collection. How my life had changed since I was a young adult just getting out of school ready to rock the world! I had met so many strong and beautiful women in my life and each one of them had a soft beautiful heart – sometimes worn very visibly on their sleeves and sometimes hidden deep behind the recesses of work, responsibility, harsh circumstances and such. With each one of them, something shone strong and bright – one just had to look; look through the facades they had built around themselves.

Yavanika is a meditation about human perspectives narrated through the story of two women and the medium of classical Indian dance. Although the story is told through a vocabulary of classical Indian dance, it does not dwell in the past tense. Making a departure from the dramatized storytelling of traditional epics, it is contemporary dance work that highlights themes and ideas that are far more relevant to our times.

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