Imbuing social change through dance by changing perspectives.

Sixteen years of...

...providing all round exemplary dance education through dedicated instruction based on learning methodologies.

...providing a platform and safe space for student dancers to create, share and grow. 

...create all-rounded dancers who understand dance not just as a performing art but as a way of life and a soul-transforming experience.  

Philosophy and Methodology

Dr. Joyce Paul Siamak teaches performing arts from an eclectic perspective with specific emphasis on History, Literature, Architecture, Mathematics of notation, texts on Natya, Physiology and Kinesiology. While she believes this is instructionally sound methodology, it may not be the right choice for everyone.

Her understanding of the human body helps her assist young dancers with adapting their technique to suit their bodies. 

She truly believes that a hard working student can achieve more than a talent student who may not put in enough rigor. At Arpan, she encourages reliance on hard work and persistance more than raw talent.

The unique quality of Joyce’s work is her ability to stay within the definition of classicism while pushing boundaries & exploring non-traditional themes & contexts.

Her work 
strongly gravitates towards social problems & women’s issues.  

Who are we?

We are Redmond-based performing arts organization dedicated to the promotion of folk and classical traditions of India. We strive to bring together like-minded artists who believe in the rigorous study of traditional dance before building contemporary relevance.  
For more information about Joyce's work as a choreographer and a performing artist, please visit her artist page at

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