Step 1 - Audition

In the audition process, you meet a member of the faculty to determine if Arpan meets your dance goals if you as a student is a good cultural fit at Arpan. The audition can be in the form of 1-on-1 session or conducted during an Open House/ Meet & Greet session. Click here for more information on how to audition at Arpan.

Step 2 - Level Set

Note what level you will be admitted at. Once you have auditioned, Dr. Joyce will recommend a level for you to start off based on your skill levels and the Arpan curriculum. You may have gaps in your training that put you between two levels. We will come up with a learning path to help you fill those gaps. It is up to you to make that commitment and get on par with your classmates as soon as possible. Click here for more information on levels.

Step 3 - Register

Fill, sign and date the registration forms and waiver. You are now officially a student and will have access to internal class documents, rules and guidelines. Complete information on registration process can be found here .

Step 4 - Payment

You can pay in cash, check or online. Once you are registered as a student, quarter details will be available to you. Generally speaking a Level 1 group class is about $250 for a quarter and might vary a bit depending on the number of weeks in a quarter.

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