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We present traditional margams that start with Alarippu/Pushpanjali/kauthvam etc but we also do extensive research on texts, contemporary poets and local cultures to create Margam pieces that express those concepts. Some concepts require us to create new boundaries.

Some of our previous works have been

  1. Varnam on Queen Shanthala
  2. A tribute to Mother Teresa
  3. Jatiswaram in Ranjini to suit different dancer body needs
  4. A vandana to Maa Sharada - Revival of old school prayers into a Sharada vandana
  5. Andal - the metaphysical and cosmic aspects - Varnam 
  6. NetrVaren padam - a story about promises kept and broken.
  7. The agony of the 'Regretful Krishna'
  8. ...and many more

NAtya for Social Change

Our focus outside of the regular mArgam is on creating works that impact the world around us. It allows us to use our art forms to respond in a peaceful manner to sources of stress and pain. Previous works include:
  1. YAVANIKA - veiled perspectives
  2. Kalaprayanam - Journey of life through time and space
  3. Juhi ki kali
  4. Arpan - an offering - bringing forms together
  5. Annotating Eras

In the Works

  1. The Faces in the jar by the door
  2. The beauty of the Pacific Northwest
  3. The story of Aarash the Persian Warrior
  4. Weaving Mind Magic (mental health)
  5. सत्त्व ( sattva ) : inner strength
  6. Shunya: Size Zero
  7. Gharonda - the empty nester

Community Outreach

We will work with you to understand how our performances can have an impact on your organisation. Be it a school, a senior citizen's home, a prison, a university, a women's shelter...

"Making the world a loving space, one movement at a time" -- Dr. Joyce Paul Siamak

"My mission? - Inbuing social change through dance by changing perspectives" -- Dr. Joyce Paul Siamak

Perform at School Events

Deep breath, get set and....Dhalanku Taka Dhiku Taka TadhimGinnaTom!!!

Two of our popular school events have been Ehsaas and Arpan Diwas. Both are geared toward providing a safe and non-judgemental platform for students to showcase what they have learnt through the year.

Performing at ARPAN is one of the most fulfilling experiences a dancer will undergo in his or her time as a student of classical dance. Students learn costuming, makeup, stage design, lighting, emceeing and stage management. They also learn who to manage a small project, coordinate with classmates and get their show on stage.

Whether it is performing a traditional margam with mythological story lines or concepts from Modern society or even new works that are created around active socio-political issues, everyone can find something that they are intensly passionate about.

Arpan Diwas

The younger tiny tots of ARPAN perform content learnt during the ARPAN school year. While it will take them many years to represent Arpan at professional shows and events, this is an opportunity for them to prepare and train with live stage performances before they can perform with the company.


Ehsaas to us meant "realisation through dance"
Every other year the adult students at ARPAN showcase their hard work on stage. They also learn other jobs that go with producing dance. Each dancer steps into different roles every year to get an all-round learning and understanding about dance.

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