Private Classes

Private classes are your time to learn and work on your improvement areas or personal goals. 1:1 classes cover all the areas of the curriculum (technique, repertoire, grammar and theory). A student can also use these classes to focus on a specific aspect such as:

  1. Theory – Viniyogas, bhangas, costumes, colours, dieties, Anga prayoga etc

  2. Relationship with music – exploring the close and intimate relationship of music and dance

  3. Nattuvangam – Learning the  art of nattuvangam and making your own jathis

  4. Choreography -  working on bringing nascent ideas to life on stage

  5. Personal growth - work on stuff that is unique to your body and your learning method.

Private and semi-private classes are available on a quarterly basis or on a 5 class punch card basis. For more information, login to the Student Portal with your Facebook credentials.

Punch cards

Punch cards are available to all the students but we find that this option is specially attractive to busy moms. At Arpan we take great pleasure at seeing student moms pursuing their dance dreams with their children. We understand the challenges of managing jobs and family life. The punch cards provide a flexible way for them to fit dance in their busy schedule.

IMPORTANT: Private classes are held exclusively for you. Hence cancellation notice is required at least 48 hrs before class so another student can utilise the spot. You will be charged for a no show or a cancellation later than 48 hrs.

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