ARPAN VIDYALAYA 2015 - 2016 Academic Session

Bring a friend and get a discount. If your friend registers, you will receive a $25 discount on a private class session with any instructor at Arpan!  Cool



REGISTRATIONS are open at all levels in the following genres. We are currently taking pre-registrations

1. BHARATANATYAM (5yrs and above) - (Level 1, 2 & 3). Folks in the waiting list for Fall have been sent pre-registration emails.

2. MOHINIYATTAM (5yrs and above & Adults) - Open. Applications are currently welcome.

3. MOMMY & I - 1:1 sessions where 40 mins are dedicated to the child and Mom working together and the last 20 min is exclusively for the Mommy with the child working on theory, taking note, reviewing class work etc.

4. PUNCH CARDS for WORKING MOMs - this allows working moms with infants and little ones to drop by unplanned and attend a class at any level. Punch cards are valid for a year.

5. PRIVATE 1:1 & semi-private sessions - Available year round and scheduled based on mutual availability. Please email

For all group classes, please email to register your spot. Have questions that were not answered by the content on this site? Call 425 435 4027.

Free Trials and Open Classroom Meeting for prospective parents and students


1.  Meet with our Director, Dr. Joyce Paul Siamak.
2.  Hear about the mission of Arpan and studentship here.
3.  Soft Audition/meet with the student. Our Odissi faculty Ms. Priyanka Wilkins will be auditioning.
4.  Clarify goals and expectations on both ends specifically those related to learning Odissi.
  • If you have some training in dance, please be prepared for an audition
  • Please send email to if you want to come the meeting


  • Previous Open Admissions Sessions
    • Thur 10/02/2014 7:30 to 8:30 pm


  • Previous Open Admissions Sessions
    • Tuesday 01/06/2015 4:30 to 8:30 pm (Bharatanatyam & Mohiniyattam)
    • Tuesday 09/10/2014 5:00 to 7:00 pm (Bharatanatyam & Mohiniyattam)
    • Tuesday 09/02/2014 7:00 to 8:00 pm (Bharatanatyam & Mohiniyattam)
    • Monday 8/18/14 7:00 to 8:00 pm (Bharatanatyam & Mohiniyattam)


What system do you follow? - We follow a Quarter system with specific goals and achievement data points at the end of each session.

Levels and Classes


If you have never learnt Bharatanatyam, then this class is for you. Learn the basic techniques in nritta that will set the foundation for your entry into the intermediate level. You will learn to practice most basic steps in three different speeds allowing you to learn the skills of quickly moving from one speed to the next without compromising on excellence in technique.

You will also start learning the grammar that drives the technique. Shlokas from the Natyashastra and Abhinayadarpan.


You will learn more complex adavus or units of movement phrases that you learnt in the Beginner Class. You will also learn rhythm structures (tala) and how they apply to your execution of technique. If your teacher so deems fit, you will start on some of the simpler repertoire pieces such as Alarippu and Pushpanjali.


By the time you reach this level, you would have mastered theoretical precepts from the Natyashastra and would be comfortable with a few repertoire pieces. You will focus more on expressional works, storytelling techniques and work on nattuvagam.

You are at this point; set to work on your debut solo performance known as ‘Arangetram’


At this level, you would have mastered theoretical precepts from the scriptures and learnt how to use them in your dance. You would have mastered a substantial repertoire and maybe even stepped into conducting and executing works.

You are either all set to do your Arangetram or have already done so and are working on nattuvangam, choreographic skills, working as corps dancers for Arpan Productions, reviewing other student dancers who are prepping for their Arangetram and such.


At this level, you are honing on skills in each area that you already have substantial knowledge in. A lot of work here is self-driven and research oriented under the guidance of Dr. Joyce. You will conceive and execute your own ideas and works as well as conduct shows.


This offer allows you to focus on any one aspect of learning dance. These are usually 1:1 classes and can be in the following areas.

  1. Theory – Viniyogas, bhangas, costumes, colours, dieties, Anga prayoga etc

  2. Relationship with music – exploring the close and intimate relationship of music and dance

  3. Nattuvangam – Learning the  art of nattuvangam and making your own jathis

  4. Choreography -  working on bringing nascent ideas to life on stage

Periodically exams are held to assess the theoretical knowledge of the student nrityanganas.


Once you are officially registered at ARPAN, you will be getting the fee schedule for the level and quarter that you are signed up for.