CLASS SCHEDULE - Q1 2016 (Jan 18 to Mar 31st - 11 weeks)

All schedules including private lessons are updated regularly on the calendar below. The week of Jan 11th is exclusively for 1:1s and catch up classes.


How to book a slot on the ARPAN class calendar
  1. Go to the class calendar to see current bookings and see what slot works for you.
  2. Now go to your calendar (for eg., and login to your account (eg.
  3. Create a NEW calendar appointment based on what you picked in #1
  4. Invite to the appointment and send
  5. Once you get a confirmation from you are all set. 
  6. Please make sure you add to your address book so it does not go into your junk folder.


We are trying our best to restart weekend classes in late 2016 and working on studio and instructor availability. Stay tuned!



NOTE - All Margam level students should be attending at least ONE nritta class per week outside of their scheduled classes.

Quarter breakup for the year

  • Q1 - JAN to MARCH
  • Spring Break
  • Q2 - APRIL to JUNE
  • Week off
  • Q3 - July - Aug (Summer camps and 1:1s only | No regular 12 week sessions)
  • Week off
  • Q4 - SEPT to DEC (long quarter)
  • Arpan Christmas Party followed by Winter Break

After every quarter there is a week or so off.

Summer - July & Aug:  Since most students travel back to India at this time, summer is focused on workshops, special trainings, private 1:1 classes and preparations for choreographic works.

Please email or for your specific needs.