Where do we meet?
At ARPAN Home Studios
24311, NE 80th St, Redmond, WA - 98053.
Phone - 425 435 4027.


1. Drive East on 520 till it ends.

2. Take a right on Union Hill. This street goes on and on (about 6 miles of winding road).

3. Union Hill will end at a T-junction. Take a left (238th Ave NE).

4. Drive on 238th Ave and you will come to another T (but you will be on the top of the T). Take a right here on to 80th street.

5. Drive down 80th and the second little street on your right is 243rd street. Turn right into 243rd and the very first house on the left is 24311.


Arpan encourages carpooling. If you are not carpooling, please let us know and we will help you find a ride. Help us be green.


PARKING Advisory - Oct 2014. IMP - please read

1.      Please park only on the main driveway (See 10 blue cars) if you are going to lock the car and come in to dance.

2.      Please leave the circular driveway open for drop-offs. (see orange arrow). If your car is here, it means you are waiting in the driver seat at all times.

3.      Parking on 243rd street is not permitted unless it is south of the fence at the end of the circular driveway. (see two blue cars at the south end of the studio)Parking_image.jpg


1.      Reversing from the Main Driveway can be quite a challenge in the dark. Please refrain from doing so to avoid damaging landscaping as well as plants. Many plants have sacrificed themselves in this act J

2.      Back up from the main driveway and use the circular driveway to get out. If there are others waiting, please ask them to drive on (since all cars in the circular driveway HAVE to be manned at all times) and wait your turn.

3.     Always head out nose first so I don’t have to call AAA. Yes, happened multiple times!!

4.      Be courteous and considerate of others and the property.


You can park ONLY on the driveway or North of 80th street. Please ensure that you do not park on 243rd street. The folks living at the end of the street own horses and need to drive in large animal carriages. When you park on the driveway, please be conscious of the fact that someone leaving ahead of you will need a clear exit path. Also, park close enough so more cars can be accommodated.

Parents and Arpanites please see parking map to ensure that you are not pulled out of class just because your car is blocking a car from the previous batch or because you are not parked efficiently.


If your class finishes after sun-down you need to be really careful about reversing out of the driveway. When you back into the driveway, you cannot see where you are heading because of the incline. If you are not careful, you may drive into the flower patch, drive over the stone pavers, break lights or even get your wheel stuck in the ditch. So please be careful! drive and park cautiously and respectfully.


Union Hill Studio