1. Warm up: Yoga, weights, stretches and exercises that are specific to fitness for dancers.
  2. Prayers: 3-4 shlokas and/or prayers to prepare yourself mentally. If you have a different belief system, just use that as a quiet moment to collect your thoughts and focus.
  3. Adavu practice:  However senior you are, we do a few adavus in class. Just a reminder that the grit and grime of that initial  training is what keeps your dancing sparkling!
  4. Items: Depending on what level you are in, we learn new items and practice old ones if time permits.
  5. Theory: An essential part of the curriculum, the last 10 minutes of every class is spent either in learning new shlokas from the Abhinayadarpana or in writing down the theoretical aspects behind the items you just learnt.
  6. Cool down: You are advised to cool down. As a beginner you are taught cool down stretches. Later on, all students are expected to do warm ups and cool downs on their own.
  7. Activity class: Once a month or as time permits, each students is encouraged to teach a presentation on any art related subject. Till now we have had the following presentations by students/guests. This is outside of the Anukathana series where professional artists come and give lectures or workshops.
Lectures and talks by Arpanites
Session  Student
Introduction to Odissi Mallica Sikka
Introduction to Kuchipudi Girija Bhagavatula
Bhava in Kathak Urmila Nagar (Anukathana)
Yoga and Dance Sharanya Rajan
Raga Identification Rajeswari Harikrishnan
Introduction to Mohiniyattam Joyce Paul
Relevance of rituals Joyce Paul
African religious dance Jennifer



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