Are there rules of conduct while in class?

Posted by joycekpa on February 13, 2015

How should I behave?

  1. Greet your teacher and any other senior dancers and or visitors with your hands folded and say Namaste or Namaskaaram.
  2. Traditionally in India, addressing your teacher by his/her first name is considered disrespectful. You can use terms such as Akka, Anna, Chechi, Chetan, Didi, Bhaiyya, Sir, and Teacher as applicable.
  3. Do not talk during class (especially when your teacher is talking), unless you have a question.
  4. Try not to walk out of class with your back to your teacher. It is considered improper to show your back to your teacher, anyone older to you or those sitting at the head of a class.
  5. If you are in a group class and you wish to go to the other side of the class room, do not walk through the group. Walk around to the back of the classroom to the other side.
  6. When you get a break in class, try to relax with deep breathing exercises while in sthanakam position or stretch out. Try not to talk unnecessarily. It breaks concentration.
  7. After the class/rehearsal, pay respects to your guru (pranaam or namaskar).
  8. If you are sitting and watching a class, do not extend your legs towards the class. If you are sitting down in class for a theory session, do not extend your legs towards the teacher/musicians.