Can I bring a visitor or observe my child's class?

Posted by joycekpa on April 21, 2015

Parents are welcome to attend class providing they are active participants (i.e. dancing along with students, actively observing, making notes, NOT chatting or on computers, cell phones, etc.). This privilege is to enable you to both participate with your child (if you wish) and to help when it comes time to practice, as you will be more familiar with what is covered in class. 

  1. Visitors, parents, and friends may observe classes in session during pre-defined weeks each quarter.
  2. You may also request attendance if your child has special needs.
  3. If your child is unable to write well yet, you may come in during the last 5-8 min of the class only on the invitation of the instructor to help your child copy notes from the whiteboard.
  4. Please call/email the day before if you are bringing a guest.

IMP - No one is allowed inside the studios while classes are in session without prior permission from the instructor.