What should I do in class?

Posted by joycekpa on February 14, 2015

  1. Say your prayers and do your namaskaar before and after class. Paying your respects not just to your teacher but to the musical instruments used is also an accepted norm.
  2. Warm up before class. When you first join a good 15 minutes of your class will be warm-ups. After a couple of quarters, it is your responsibility to come early, lay down a yoga mat at the back of the class and do your own personal warm-up.
  3. Practice your steps from the previous lesson in all three speeds. If you are learning items, revise them repeatedly until you can do them without thinking about the sequence. Classes are designed for learning and polishing not for revisions. You will need to ensure that you practice/revise in your personal time.
  4. Write down your theory instructions diligently. Get your pronunciations right.
  5. Memorize all the shlokas that have been taught. This is for your benefit. As far as possible a dancer’s dependency on written materials and support should be minimal.
  6. Trust your teacher. Your dance education is your teacher’s priority too as well as their domain of expertise.