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Girija Bhagavatula(Say What?)

Unlike other classmates, Giri managed to join Joyce Paul as student over a soccer match 3 years back, and would like to thank Siamak for this. But who would've imagined what started as a pastime of Monday evening classes would turn into the joy of her life. She now aspires to dance with the same poise and grace as her Guru one day. She would like to thank her Guru for all the support, encouragement and faith she has shown in her. She hopes to make her proud as she takes her first few steps in the world of Bharatanatyam."


Rajeswari Harikrishnan

Err.....I eat organic, I bike, and did I say dance? Well...errr....umm.....

ASHA, Bike, Organic Idli, Oats cake...

Oh Yes! I am all for making "Dance like a Man" happen this year.


Bindu Pillai

“Dancing gives you wings and sets you free”. Bindu has always been passionate about dance and feels that it’s a medium that has helped her express herself. She has learnt Bharatanatyam back in India.

She joined Arpan 2 and half years back to get back and hone the finer skills of this art form. She loves dancing and plans to continue dancing all her life. She has also learnt Jazz dance, modern dance and folk dances. She wishes to choreograph a Broadway show at some point :-).

Along with dancing Bindu also indulges in Oil painting and Jewelry making. She likes to go on long road trips and wants to travel the world, not necessarily by road. She loves watching movies and is a voracious reader. She also works for Microsoft.


Sampoorani Deivasigamani

Sampoorani has been learning Bharatanatyam under Joyce Paul since mid-2005. She is thoroughly enjoying her initial foray into learning classical dance.

She feels that dance is an uplifting activity that expresses and reinforces one's inner strength and joy. Her happy feet look forward to many more years of dhit-dhit-thais.


Veena Arun (Don't call me! Leave me alone in dance class!)

Veena Arun has been an avid student of Bharatanatyam since she was introduced to the Pandanaloor style of dance in India. She is also interested in other art forms including painting, other Indian classical dance styles & Ballet. She has also done a short course in Salsa and Merengue.

She is currently studying psychology. She is a housewife and the mother of a lovely baby girl Anushka.



I don't have a computer...:-). I take care of plants and love them.


Meera Srinivasan

I love Enid Blyton, Harry Potter and Bharatanatyam :-)


Akhila Balasubramanian

Being a person who has interests in different cultures, Akhila loves and has been involved in music and dance traditions from various parts of the world, notably India, Haiti, Brazil and West Africa. Yet, she cannot remember a time when she was not captivated by the beauty of Bharatanatyam. She feels blessed to be finally fulfilling her dream of learning Bharatanatyam.

In the past year that she has been a student of Joyce Paul, she has begun to discover the joy, peace and inner consciousness that can be realized through dance. She has also discovered that she has a lot to work on and a long way to go but she's enjoying the journey! When Akhila is not dancing, you can find her trying a new recipe in the kitchen or analyzing data for her doctorate dissertation in Epidemiology at the University of Washington.

Vidya.JPG Vidya Kannan

I am Vidya. I started learning Bharatanatyam with Kalanidhi Narayanan at the age for about 7 years before moving to US.

Joyce akka's style of dance is very similar to what I learnt and the past few months with her have been great :) I love the way she teaches and she inspires me to be a better dancer. :) My other hobbies include reading and cooking and gardening :)


Aarti Natarajan

Well, I found this really cute guy and decided that dance class was not compelling enough. I am off to get married!!! YAY!!! and then move to Texas!!!

.....still looking for a dance teacher here in Texas.


Rukmani Gopalan(I have a question...)

Rukmani has been a student of Bharatanatyam with Joyce Paul for close to 2 years. According to her, dancing makes her more aware of herself, not just her lines and alignment, but also her inner self.

Mondays are not mundane anymore with dance class leaving her energized for the rest of the week. She would love to continue dancing and work on making her perfect in the items she learns. Other than dancing, she also loves cooking, singing and drawing.


Natasha Jethanandani

I collected everyone's profiles but totally forgot to send in mine.

...The Lion King hairstyle really suits me,


Swaroop Rane (Ms. Worried Look)

Swaroop is an avid dancer. She has given many dance performances on Indian classical to popular Bollywood dances. She finds joy in doing Bharatanatyam.

In Joyce Paul she has found a teacher who can take her to new heights and teach her finer nuances of this art.


Dr. Chamia aka Megha

Megha has been learning Kalakshetra-style Bharatanatyam for the past three years. She began her training with Guru Malini Srinivasan in New York and upon moving to Seattle has been pursuing this training with Guru Joyce K Paul. Besides dance, Megha is actively involved in marathon training and education-related volunteering work.

She is currently a senior fellow at the University of Washington.


BULBUL aka Shama Joshi

Shama has been learning Bharatanatyam for the past 2 years. Not having learnt any form of dance before she finds the mental and physical demands of Bharatanatyam challenging.

She has found in Joyce a patient, extremely talented, enthusiastic and wonderful teacher and is thankful for her undying support. Shama shares a common passion with the rest of her classmates – dance! She has some Bollywood and Contemporary Dance performances in the Seattle area to her name and is seen on stage today performing Bharatanatyam for the first time. She thanks her friends and fiancée for coming today and supporting her.