Community Sharing – ARPAN Summer Intensive

August 14th, 2014 | Redmond Library (KCLS) | Meeting Room # 2 | 6:30 to 8:30 pm

Arpanites share with the Redmond Community, the work they created at the summer intensive under the aegis of Allied Arts Foundation. The event is FREE!



ARPAN’s founder and artistic director, Dr. Joyce Paul Siamak uses her training and skills in Research, Instructional Design and Performing arts to create a unique concept of “Natyam Crafts” including clay modeling and trading cards to teach ancient techniques of movement while developing the skills such as learning through discovery and retention through games.

The workshop has brought to light the different learning patterns and paths that student dancers take. Most student dancers have talked about a renewed interest in the desire to learn dance. This is definitely an indication that future such programs based on the methodology created by our Director would be beneficial to student dancers.

A big THANK YOU! To all the parents who supported their child in their quest to know more about Indian Classical Dance. And huge CONGRATULATIONS to all the participants for exceptional attendance, diligence, regular practice at home and desire for perfection.

ARPAN is very thankful to the wonderful Odissi dancer and Joyce’s longtime friend Priyanka Wilkins for helping realize our director’s vision of bringing learning opportunities in high quality performing arts. Thank you Priyanka!


Enjoy the brief video with comments from participants - created by a proud Arpanite parent Ashok Kadavakollu. Many thanks Ashok!