We are so happy to share some testimonials about the Summer Worshop

"The six week summer dance intensive was an extremely fulfilling experience for Anika. The curriculum was designed in a unique manner. In addition to learning dance directly from Joyce, the level 2 kids had an opportunity to be little assistants and teach some basic dance steps to the level 1 new comers. This has definitely boosted their confidence and given them a chance to hone in on their basic dance skills. Recently, after the workshop, I've observed Anika even attempting to choreograph different dance steps. Anika loves to practice her dancing multiple times during the day, that too without any reminders!

Additionally, kids were also able to work in groups and learn dance through arts, crafts and playing games. Anika also loved the dance intensive especially since they were able to learn dance steps at a rapid pace compared to the regular class. Kids were genuinely happy to attend the intensive and weren't ready to leave at the end of class!

This was a great experience for us since the summer workshop was so engaging and a break from the traditional style of learning dance. Joyce's personal touch has truly inspired the kids to do better, work harder and make dance an integral part of their daily lives."

- Ami Desai-Mehta for Anika Level 2

The summer intensive dance camp was one of the best things I did this summer; I enjoyed it more than the regular dance classes because of its intense nature with more classes and a time bound constraint to learn a beautiful, fast paced Thillana dance item. It is always fun and great learning experience with Joyce akka - (her passion for dance is very infectious :)) and with the frequent cadence of the summer workshop, it was double the fun and not to mention the highly spirited and motivated dance mates at Arpan.

In addition to the dance item, we were also introduced to Nattuvangam that proved to be quite challenging and exciting at the same time. And, the community presentation at the  end of the work-shop was a great way to end the camp - it was lovely to see what other Arpanites learnt and also to demonstrate our newly learned item. The final community presentation was a great catalyst for some of us to catch up outside the dance classes religiously and practice, so that we give our best to the Thillana. Overall, a well spent summer with this dance workshop and I only wish summer could stay with us longer:)

Radha Selvaraj – Level 6

My daughter Manya Pradeep is 7 years old. She is learning dance with Joyce from last November. The classical dance form like Bharatanatyam needs proper postures and discipline and my daughter started loosing interest in the dance. She used to watch TV and tell us that she wants to do Bollywood kind of dance but not Bharatanatyam. It was very hard to make her practice at home.

When Joyce came up with the idea of Summer camp, we thought we should try this. Right from day one of the workshop Manya was happy and was eagerly waiting for the next session. The excitement kept building up with each session. Joyce used innovative techniques that taught kids the classical dance form while having a lot of fun. She introduced activities such as clay modeling of dance postures that not only appealed to kids but also ingrained these concepts deep in their minds. Manya didn't know that she was learning a lot while having fun. She had changed at the end of this workshop from a kid that didn't like bharatnatyam to one who really started appreciating the same. We totally attribute this change to the summer workshop and are looking forward to next one.

Varsha - for Maanya Level 1